Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday At Its Finest....

It's been a stressful week so I am going to post some pics from the past few weeks.

 Homemade Chicken Nooodle Soup...mmmm

My coworker Tamara and her man Brian

The love of my life...isn't he simply precious! 

Silly May-gen...that's his new line.

Michael & I on Halloween

The hubs and I on Halloween....

That's a short recap, but sushi and wine are calling!

Monday, November 15, 2010

What a Great Day...

This post is entirely dedicated to the amazing Greer Family. Today is Meredith's amazing mother's last day of CHEMO treatments! HOORAY!! This has been an incredible year for their family and I am so happy to say this is her last treatment! So see ya Chemo you will not be missed! Her mom has been so incredibly strong and inspiring during this journey. She is truly a woman of inspiration and strength. Words cannot express how truly GREAT our GOD is.

Meredith made shirts for this special are the backs of the Greer girls...

Last treatment..hooray!

Could not be better way to start the week! Love you Greer Family!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So since I seem to have a VERY bad habit of only blogging once maybe twice a comes another update from our busy lives....bulleted style due to the fact that blogger DOES NOT want me to upload pictures....

  • we have celebrated halloween
  • cooked yummy dinners 3 nights a week
  • hung out with friends
  • celebrated birthdays
  • started more house be revealed hoopefully next week
  • i have surpressed the urge to start pulling out our xmas decor
  • starting to figure out holiday plans with both families...what a headache!
  • gone to a concert or two
  • and just having fun living life.
  • Friday we saw the movie Due Date and it was hilarious! We litterally laughed about 90% of the time. it's a must see in my book..and btw when did Robert Downey Jr. get it together..he's looking awfully handsome..
  • After the movie we went to Scott & julie's to meet their new baby Cole. He's super precious just like his big brother is..Slate..aka the LOVE of my life. I don't think I could love a child anymore than i do him..he is the coolest 2 and a half year old...
  • saturday jonathan headed to katy for a poker party for his brother's bday...he had a great time...and i headed in town for a girls day because i am not much of a poker player...
  • sunday was a day of shopping in san marcos for my brother's bday..he lives in san antonio so we met him there for a little bday gathering. can't believe my brother is 23!
Seriously upset that blogger is not cooperating currently...tomorrow will be a post of pure off to find a delish vegetarian recipe to make tomorrow night..wish me luck!