Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Somethings

Yesterday I went out to my parents for dinner and to see Suellen. I haven't seen her in a few months, so it was great seeing her for a few hours. She got caught up with all the wedding planning and of course gave me some good advice that I was really needing..that's why I love her so much..she will tell you exactly what you need to hear even though it may not be what you want to hear. So I get to my parents and we have to of course go through all of the new RSVP's and rest of the mail. At the bottom of the stack was a package from my grandparents to me. I honestly had no clue what it was because I had not told my Nanny what I needed her to make me yet. Bu to my surprise she had already made me my "something blue" I started screaming with joy! It is exactly what I wanted and envisioned it to be. Obviously my mom had talked to her mom and told her my plan and she got right on it. It is absolute perfection and I can't wait to have it in its place on the wedding day. So I now officially have all my "somethings" in order.

Something Borrowed- Meredith's veil.
Something Blue- a surprise!
Something Old- an heirloom handkerchief. I will be the 22nd bride to carry it!
Something New- my dress and everything else I am wearing that day!

It feels really good having all of that in order. In other wedding news, Jonathan and I went to Klein's today to pick out his band and to have mine made..another check off the list. Now we just need to pick 2 of our engagement pictures to have printed, do the programs and favors and then I should be basically done! Minus a few small other things that need to be done. In just a few days the wedding will be a month away...I can't believe it!

Now I am off to finding a J-O-B...yikes!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm getting married in 5 weeks!!!

5 weeks from today I will become Megan Lenz! The countdown is now officially on...Since I have been so terribly busy with school and studying my life away for Comps and the Praxis..I have not truly felt the crunch of the wedding. I think it has been for the best honestly...if I actually were not in school and just working- I would be going crazy I am sure. Thank goodness for grad school..that may very well be the FIRST time I have said that! I have a wonderful mother who has done so much and some amazing friends who have also helped pick up the slack as well.

Yesterday I had another shower given to me by Jonathan's aunts and neighbors. Despite the weather we had a great turnout! We played games and got some great pictures. Since Jonathan's family came in from Port Arthur he decided to join in on the festivities..what a trooper he was yesterday! We got some more amazing gifts and we are truly blessed and thankful. I am amazed with everyone's generosity given today's economy. After the shower my mom and I headed back to her house to unload everything. You officially cannot walk on the left side of my bed..it is out of control. Lisa told me she is going to organize it tomorrow for me! That should be a fun little project.

Today Jonathan and I headed to the Astros game. It was the perfect day for baseball. Although the Astros lost..we still had a good time. After the game we stopped off at Cyclone's..one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants for an early dinner. We both came home and took a nap then watched Two Weeks Notice. We had a wonderful day. I think he is ready for me to be done with school, so we can actually have meaningful conversations and see each other!

Just a brief wrap-up of the weekend. Hope everyone was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather today! Before we know it will be May 24th...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Engagement Pics!

So Saturday Jonathan and I headed to church at River Pointe to meet my family and some friends. It was an amazing service from the music to the sermon it was truly beautiful. After church we headed to my parents and I got the call I had been waiting for all week! Dana my photog's husband and school friend called to say they had posted some of our pics on his website! As soon as the car was parked I ran inside to get on the computer to check them out. I am so excited to stay that we have some really great pics and we have only seen about 30 of them. Now comes the hard part...we have so many favorites I am not sure how I am going to chose just 2 for the reception! So here are some we truly love:

I love how just our clothes are in color.
I think this is one of my favorites!

Saturday evening we had dinner at the Atkinson's house at 7 pm. It was so much fun. There were about 14 of us there and we talked and drank wine until about midnight. Sue made a delicious meal and dessert to follow. It was a truly great evening. Sadly today, Jonathan and his family are celebrating Easter in Port Arthur with his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents while sit at home studying...I can't wait to be done, but first I must pass my Comprehensive exams next Friday. I am just praying that it goes well and that I have actually retained all of the information from the past few years of school.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Invitations are officially in the mail! I am so excited to say that! Yesterday Meredith and Jenn went to my second dress fitting with me and my dress is almost perfect! It needs to taken in a bit more in the top..since I was not blessed in that department! Then Danielle met us for dinner at 9ers. After dinner we stuffed all of the invitations and got them ready to be mailed. It actually wasn't as painful as I thought it would be and it felt so great having them done....thank you girls! Then Mer and I worked on the program and ordered samples of cardstock to decide what color to use for the programs. We made some serious strides last night. I only wish I didn't feel stressed...maybe if I didn't have comprehensive exams next week, and the national boards the next weekend..I wouldn't be.

After we finished that, I headed over to the Hodges to chat and wish Katie an Early Happy Birthday. We chatted about everything and before I knew it it was 10! Another late night in Pecan Grove. I came home to a JCrew box, which is always exciting and my second white dress has arrived! What a relief! I have the cutest outfit for the rehearsal thanks to Stella & Dot Jewelry from Meredith's Launch Party and the perfect white dress from JCrew.

Tonight I asked my sweet cousin Claire to do a reading during the ceremony and she accepted! I am so excited to have her be apart of this special day. Now I just have one more cousin to ask. I'm checking things off left and right...such a good feeling.

PS We took our engagement pictures on Monday and we had a great time with Kevin & Dana. I can't wait to see them. Pics to come soon.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Less than 50 Days!!!

So today we are officially under 50 days until the BIG day! This past week has been busy. I had a test on Tuesday, which I hope went well. Then Jonathan called and said he had a surprise for me at the house...so I headed home to find that he had rented Marley & Me. So we popped some popcorn and started the movie. The next thing I know we are two bags of popcorn in and sobbing like babies! If you have ever had to put one of your own pets to sleep then this movie will hit you even harder. It was funny and sad all wrapped up into one. I recommend it, but have some tissues close.

I have been to Pecan Grove 3 times in 5 days. Wednesday I met Mer and C for some dinner, Target, and wedding projects. We dined at Sandy's..our usual and then headed to Target. Mer needed to pick up some items for her first Stella & Dot Party. I of course bought a dress..but I am thinking I will return it..I have been a spender lately! Carson and I played while Mer worked on finding me shoes, songs and programs. We were busy. Thursday I had a dentist appointment and stopped by Mer's again for a bit then headed to my parents for dinner. On Friday, Danielle and I headed to DSW to look for shoes..and LUCKILY I found some! They are just what wanted and I am so excited to have that done since I have my fitting next week! Today I met my mom at Men's Wearhouse to finalize the Tux's for the wedding. Then we headed over to Mer's Stella & Dot Party. It was a lot of fun and I got some cute stuff that I can't wait to get it! I got a great black and white necklace and black bracelet to wear for the Rehearsal Dinner/Bridal Luncheon. I got also a hot pink bangle as well. Then Danielle and I headed back to my parents to finish cutting the paper for the Wish Jar at the Reception..another item checked off the list! We made some serious progress today, which is a big relief.

Tomorrow is a long day of studying with Tina and then Jonathan and I are headed over to Jamie's to pick up her elliptical machine machine and the envelopes for the invitations!

Next week is busy busy. We have our long awaited engagement pictures on Monday, Wednesday I have my dress fitting and then Friday I have the first leg of my tooth implant surgery.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.