Sunday, January 16, 2011

well hello again....

im not going to bore you with the usual well we have been super busy spill because everyone has been. i checked and it has been 2 months since my last post which is quite pathetic. to say that i havent missed blogging would be semi-true. i get on and still read all about your fabulous lives but i find myself not having much to seems that when i was in the school setting with young kids everyday i needed the outlet of blogging to connect with adults and have adult like conversations. i called my mom almost as soon as i pulled out of the parking lot and we talked almost the whole way home. since i have been working with adults with dementia..once i get in the car my brain is done..i am all talked out...nothing to say because i have been reasoning with adults who are confused for 8 hours straight. to say that mom and my friends havent had to adjust or have been asking me if everythins is okay would be an understatement..i dont blame them for being worried or concerned because it was a complete 180 from what they had become programmed into by me. but i think everyone is on the same page trying to be a better daughter, friend and wife and taking into consideration that i cant not totally go from one extreme to the other.

with that being said 2011 is all about contentment for me. content in life, content in where i am in life, content in the fact that the hubs and i are doing very well at this point in our life and content in life is pretty stinkin good. :)
although this will be hard for me it is for the better (for me and J). i think it wears on him a little that I am always adding to the never-ending "to-do" list....and i can honestly say right this very second that i have pretty much everything i NEED. now that doesn't mean my "want" list isn't a mile long but i need to be more realistic and be CONTENT with all I have because we are super blessed and super fortunate to be where we are today.

i have so many pics to upload from the past few months from thanksgiving to my brother graduating we feel old! NYE and this past weekend..those will come soon.

hope everyone enjoys the rest of their sunday...more posts to changes are headed to the Lenz casa and NO we are not expecting...just to put that little idea to rest. ;)