Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So most people know that I am not much for "doing it yourself" especially with crafts! But I have found some really cute DIY projects for the wedding! Needless to say they have been on the backburner because I am not crafty at all. So yesterday Meredith and I were supposed to have a fun night of make-up, but I forgot my make-up bag at home..so we ran wedding errands instead! We hit Hobby Lobby and Target! We found some fabulous items for the wedding. I saw this great "Thank you" sign idea on SMP! So we, I should say Mer, whipped up the most amazing sign! It turned out PERFECT! I can't wait for us to take pictures with it on the big day!

Tonight we had a SLP Job Fair at UH. I have to say it went well. I spoke with different companies and ISDs about potential jobs in August. I am so excited to actually being working and putting all of my education to use! Soon enough I will be married, have my Master's degree, working and moving out of this apartment and into either a house or townhouse! I am excited about the future and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.

I forgot to take pics this weekend, but Ben had a great game! His team won both games and swept St. Ed's..YAY!!!!! I am so proud of him and hope to make it to more games. My dad and I had a great time together..it was great to just hang out with him. We talked about everything from houses to the bar selection at the ceremony! All in all it was a great weekend. Just what I needed.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Accessories Take the Cake!

My dear friend Meredith has just opened her own business! I am beyond excited for her. She will be selling a jewelry line called Stella & Dot. I have seen the catalog and personally cannot wait to buy some of the cuffs and earrings! Please check out her blog to find out more information! http://kevinmeredithandcarson.blogspot.com/ or go directly to the site http://www.stelladot.com/sites/meredith to start browsing the line.

If anyone buys anything let me know! Happy shopping!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopping Trip...

So I just couldn't resist posting tonight! With everything that goes into planning a wedding my mom and I have been spending quite a bit of time together. It is has been wonderful. My poor dad on the otherhand has just sat around and acted interested and nodded in agreement only offering his opinion when needed. In my earlier post I mentioned going to San Antonio with my dad...we have hardly hung out at all in the past few months due to all the wedding planning. So the other night I told my parents I would just crash there on Friday, so we can get up and go bright and early Saturday morning. So my dad announces that if we get up early enough we can hit the outlet mall during our trip. I look at him in total disbelief! Because if you know me I am a shopper..I want to hit as many stores as possible! So tonight my mom told me that he is looking forward to our shopping trip and is really excited. So now I am ectastic not only about seeing my brother do what he loves most...I get to do some shopping with my dad. Just wanted to share a little sweet note tonight.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

95 Days...

I truly cannot believe we are under the 100 day mark! I feel like we have taken care of so many things, but yet the list is still LONG. We have ordered our invitations, which I love. Two Peas in a Pod is in Sealy, but it's an AMAZING gift shop- Lari is the owner and she is just relaxed and helped me get exactly what I wanted for an incredibly reasonable price.

For Valentine's Day we opted to eat dinner with some friends and had a great time. We ate, drank and caught with everyone. Then we headed to this great wine bar Vintopolis on Westheimer..we shared some good laughs. All in all it was a great day.

Tomorrow is Jonathan's...28th Birthday! We went to dinner Tuesday night with both families and it was a lot of fun. You can't go wrong with the Chicken Bryan from Carrabbas's!

I will be heading to San Antonio this weekend with my dad to cheer on Ben at his baseball game. Let's just hope its not a repeat of the last tine they play St. Ed's and I was in attendance.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

105 Days and Counting...

So the countdown has officially begun! In just 105 days I will become Mrs. Jonathan Lenz! I have to say that the past 7 months have truly flown by! When I saw my countdown today I was quite surprised between grad school, working at the hospital Monday-Friday for FREE, and trying to not lose my mind...I have not paid any attention to the calendar. I think my bridesmaids are more aware of the approaching date than I am! I guess that's why I have them...

In other wedding news, I feel like my mom and I have covered what seems to be every inch of Houston and surrounding areas to meet with vendors! I am happy to say that we have booked the cake and florist this past week! Now all that is left is to order the invitations and a few other small details! I have to admit Jonathan and I are very ready for the wedding day to be here...it seems like we have been wedding planning for far too long.

In non-wedding news...I am graduating...like walking across the stage and all May 15th with my Master's degree! Now that cannot get here fast enough! It seems like just yesterday my girls and I were starting the program and now here we are almost two years later about graduate! What an amazing day that will be. The following weekend we get married and then off to Mexico for our honeymoon. It will be a busy busy May for us this year.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!