Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Curiosity Killed the Cat...

I have a question or questions for those of you out there. I know the following questions will get answers from both sides, which is completely fine and am open to them. So however you feel please have some restraint if you feel very strongly against my opinion but answer them honestly.

Can married people not go out with friends without their spouse????

Can married people not go out and have fun anymore??

Can married people not have friends of the opposite sex without people thinking there is something going on?

My answer to these questions is simple...yes. I think it is perfectly fine to have a night out with friends without your spouse being there. Since when did marriage equal staying at home and falling off the face of the earth?? Just because people get married doesn't mean they can't have fun still...i mean come on people! Now with the last question...I have always had super close guy friends my whole life. My bestfriend is a guy..we have been friends since we were about 8 months old. He is someone I would do just about anything for on the face of this earth. A few of Jonathan's friends have even become extremely close friends of mine. We talk on at least a weekly basis.

the reason I bring this up is because a few weeks ago I spent the weekend with some grad school friends (girls & guys). They live in houston, but in town so I just spent the night. The hubs was out of town with softball so it was easier and safer. On both nights I saw friends of mine from high school and got asked the same questions over and over "arent you married" "where is your husband" "you are out without him"...and the list goes on people. So it really started to bother me that all of these people were what seemed to be bothered by the fact that I was out, having fun and not with my spouse. I spoke with the hubs after the fact about how people kept asking me those same questions and he didnt mind me going out with friends etc. I know I shouldn't let other peoples opinions bother me so much, but I do..I am working on it currently, but it will be a long road I am sure....

So there you have it. Maybe I am in the minority here but we will see how you feel.


  1. We're married...not dead! Still in our twenties and full of life when has it become a crime! Try not to let others opinions bother you. A lot easier said than done. I am having that hard time too. Love you no matter what!

  2. You are NOT in the minority! I have ALWAYS had really good close guy friends so I hear you on this one! As long as hubbs is cool with it and you are on the same page who cares! I am a new follower! SO glad I found ya! :]

  3. I totally agree with you! I get worried about people when they CAN'T leave home without their hubs. The time you spend apart makes the time you spend together that much better!!