Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopping Trip...

So I just couldn't resist posting tonight! With everything that goes into planning a wedding my mom and I have been spending quite a bit of time together. It is has been wonderful. My poor dad on the otherhand has just sat around and acted interested and nodded in agreement only offering his opinion when needed. In my earlier post I mentioned going to San Antonio with my dad...we have hardly hung out at all in the past few months due to all the wedding planning. So the other night I told my parents I would just crash there on Friday, so we can get up and go bright and early Saturday morning. So my dad announces that if we get up early enough we can hit the outlet mall during our trip. I look at him in total disbelief! Because if you know me I am a shopper..I want to hit as many stores as possible! So tonight my mom told me that he is looking forward to our shopping trip and is really excited. So now I am ectastic not only about seeing my brother do what he loves most...I get to do some shopping with my dad. Just wanted to share a little sweet note tonight.

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