Sunday, February 8, 2009

105 Days and Counting...

So the countdown has officially begun! In just 105 days I will become Mrs. Jonathan Lenz! I have to say that the past 7 months have truly flown by! When I saw my countdown today I was quite surprised between grad school, working at the hospital Monday-Friday for FREE, and trying to not lose my mind...I have not paid any attention to the calendar. I think my bridesmaids are more aware of the approaching date than I am! I guess that's why I have them...

In other wedding news, I feel like my mom and I have covered what seems to be every inch of Houston and surrounding areas to meet with vendors! I am happy to say that we have booked the cake and florist this past week! Now all that is left is to order the invitations and a few other small details! I have to admit Jonathan and I are very ready for the wedding day to be seems like we have been wedding planning for far too long.

In non-wedding news...I am walking across the stage and all May 15th with my Master's degree! Now that cannot get here fast enough! It seems like just yesterday my girls and I were starting the program and now here we are almost two years later about graduate! What an amazing day that will be. The following weekend we get married and then off to Mexico for our honeymoon. It will be a busy busy May for us this year.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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  1. Wow, 105 days, wait 104 days now!!!! And now all the fun begins and all the hard work will pay off! Love ya!