Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Currently Coveting....

Since I mentioned in my last post that we are headed on a vacation to celebrate our anniversary I have been going through my closet to see what I have, what doesn't look cute on me anymore and what I need to pick up before our trip.

What simply amazes me is that I love shorts and right now I am only liking two of the pairs I own. 3 of them are either too short, faded or just not cute what is a girl to do. I don't want to spend 40 bucks on ONE pair of I am thinking I might hit the outlet with my ID badge in hand and see if I can find something for 20-30 bucks. The 15% teacher discount should hopefully help in this department.

I am also wanting one more pair of shoes whether it is wedges or another pair of gladiators in either gold, brown or silver I need well let's be honest want one more pair for the summer. here are a few I am liking currently:
These are Nina's and right now they are offering 30% for ATN followers..

                            these are from Gap. Not too bad for 30 bucks.
Also from Gap for 30 bucks.

I am also on the hunt for come cute white denim jeans or capris. The problem I have noticed is that the pockets show through and I most certainly hate that! I don't like the fact that you can see through the fabric.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ladies!

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