Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Gotta love em...never fails when a little extra cash is laying around it is quickly spent by something not fun! You see in our backyard there are two gazebo/canopies...well that oh so lovely storm that came through earlier this week ripped them to shreds.

exhibit a:

The other gazebo that covers our grill area no longer has a canopy.

So after some measurements, digging through folders, locating manuals, two new canopies have been purchased...im happy but would have much rather spent that small fortune or something more exciting!

The next incidental purchase this is coming soon will be a new fan for the living room

exhibit b:

a few weeks ago i was in the office doing lord knows what and I heard a nice crashing sound. I immediately assumed it was J. I looked outside and everything looked ok. I looked into the living room and the fan was resting nicely on our ottoman. Luckily no one was sitting on the couch. We are now on the hunt for a replacement fan. Finding the right one has been a challenge so far, but I am headed to a lighting store next week...hopefully I will get lucky. Just dont feel like spending 200+ for a fan...

Oh the joys of homeownership.

Im off to find a super cute dress for my birthday next week...cant believe it is September tomorrow!


  1. That stinks! I hate when you have to spend money on something necessary too. I'm glad nobody was hurt though.

  2. Aw! That kind of stuff always happens to me too! Booooo!
    Good luck finding a dress! That's exciting!