Saturday, April 10, 2010

My How the Time Flies...

It is has been a solid week since I last posted...funny thing is that I have wanted to post, but haven't had much to say or had the energy after work. But here we are on a rainy Saturday morning and I am feeling the itch after reading everyone else's posts to get to it.

Several of my closest friends have been going through trying times the past few weeks and even months. I lift them up in my prayers every night hoping that He will ease their minds. One of them it seems God has been working very hard in her life and has been easing her and her families prayers and all I can say is..thank you! Sometimes God says "no," and as much as we want Him to say "yes" we have to trust in His plan for us. I have come to realize through their trials that prayer is a powerful thing. There is no prayer that is to small for Him. So I will continue to pray for these lovely ladies and watch Him work in their lives.

Easter weekend was a bit hectic, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. We spent Saturday with my family and some long-time family friends. We went to church around 3 and then headed into town for an evening of delicious food and wine and even an Easter Egg Hunt. I know you are thinking.."how old are you guys" well lets just say the youngest "kid" there was 21! We grew up with these families for years having egg hunts for about 10 it was nostalgic and brought back several wonderful childhood memories. On Sunday we drove to Port Arthur to spend the day with Jonathan's family. It turned out to be a beautiful day and once again Grandma cooked a delicious meal. She never disappoints.

This past week has been a hectic one. I had 8 yes 8 ARDs this past week. Needless to say the paperwork alone was enough to make my eyes tired. So after a long week of ARDs and meetings..I needed to relax. Jenn and I with the addition of JJ for a bit had a very early dinner because none of us had lunch and then she and I went over to Town Center to walk around for a bit. We definately needed to after the amount of food that we consumed!

So here we are on Saturday and I am hoping the rain will pass, so we can enjoy the crawfish boil christopher & danielle have planned for this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Only 7 more weeks of school..guess I better get to finding a summer job..yikes!


  1. Are you possibly referring to me? Yes prayer is amazing and can really help! Lets hope it helps with this next step...

    Yay for our Fri night date, you didn't mention our new shoes thought!!!

  2. So glad the rain cleared for the crawfish boil! It was a fun filled day and so glad you made it! xoxo