Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Bees..

JJ and I have been quite busy lately like most people these days. Everytime I look at the calendar we are headed somewhere or doing something. I like staying busy honestly because if I sit to long then my mind starts to wander about more porjects to do around the house...see where this is going??

Two weekends ago we headed to College Station to celebrate Emily's Ring Dunk. Now Emily is practically my little sister. I have known her whole life. She is one of the most precious and genuine people I know. I truly love her and love having her in my life.

Emily is NOT a beer drinker..i repeat NOT a beer drinker. Well the instructions for the ring dunking are the following:

1. Pour 4 beers in a pitcher
2. Let beer set in for a few hours until it is room temperature...YUCK! Apparently this makes the beer flat and easier to chug?!?!
3. Drop ring in pitcher and chug!

Shes on the far right...looking a little nervous!

Well Emily was a ROCKSTAR! She chugged her pitcher in 49 seconds! She beat a guy! Thats right a GUY! We were so proud! haha. I am so glad my family was able to be apart of her day!

Sunday afternoon JJ and I headed out for a little shopping. He was a man on a mission. He needed socks, shoes and so on. Well he hit the jackpot. I found a few things, but he NEVER goes shopping so I figured I would let him load up at Marshalls. We found a few things for the house, so that was a plus. After Marshalls we walked done to HomeGoods to see if there were any little items we could find. Well we found a picture for the mantle that we both love and are very excited about! I can't wait to hang it up. It matches perfectly with the candles and the new orange in our kitchen...more on that in a bit.

We ventured down to Houston Garden Center and picked up some plants and flowers that were all 50% all in all we struck the jackpot on Sunday!

This past week was pretty hectic for both of us with work. We were definately looking forward to the weekend...then we got a wild hair and decided to knock out our water leak damaged kitchen. JJ retextured, kilzed, and painted the ceiling..I am so proud of him for learning how to do this! You can't even tell there was a water leak!

what water leak??? SO proud of him!

Since the ceiling had been tackled that meant I could start on the walls. Well the paint situation was a nightmare! Jenny and I painted one wall on Friday night and it looked like a on Saturday my mom and I kilzed the walls and set out to find an orange/terracotta color that would not be quite so shocking! So we ended up at Sherwin Williams and got two samples. Luckily we loved one of them and started painting. We were able to get one coat up on Saturday. AFter church on Sunday Jenny and I did the second coat. Man were we tired come 6 o'clock! I am still whole boday ached.

The inspiration for the final paint color.

I woke up this morning and walked into the kitchen praying I would like it because let me say this...there is no way in the world I am painting in there again! No way no how! Luckily I walked into the kitchen and liked it and am ready for everything to be back in its place..I am recruiting some friends to help with that process...they love to they dont mind! love you girls...

So here it is Monday and I am beat. I sat on the computer all day logging therapy sessions and am happy to say I am waiting on the system to fix a few errors and then it will be complete!

Fellow Houstonians...did you hear it might get into the 90's later this week or early next week? Since the weather is climbimg up there I decided it is time for a summer giveaway! Details tomorrow! I need to pick up one more item for the giveaway!

Only 4 more Mondays to my fellow teacher friends...crazy to believe! What is even more crazy is that JJ and I's 1 year anniversary is less than a month away!


  1. I LOVE the's one of my absolute favorites! Kudos to you for daring to decorate with it. I need to see it soon!

  2. I have a bunch of friends at A&M and one of them did her Ring Dunk in a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream! She is obsessed with it and it could not have been more perfect!

  3. Can't wait to see the final project! So what day are you requesting my attendance for decorating? xoxo

  4. Yay you blogged! I love the kitchen (from what we can see) So proud of Em's 49 seconds, whoa champ right there!

  5. Love the orange too! Look forward to seeing what you do!

  6. Cute blog! So glad I stumbled over! And I went to A&M too..graduated in '03 and I didn't dunk my ring! I just couldn't...but she realy is a rockstar if she did it in 49 SECONDS! So fun.