Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer Lovin'

After some online browsing, magazine flipping, and people watching I have decided I am ready for summer. I am ready to sport some form of a tan while wearing shorts, wedges and a cute top. Well if you are in Houston you know that summer is knocking on the door and before we know it it will be 90 outside accompanied with the grueling  humidity.

I also can't wait to be entertaining as much as possible this summer. We have been hard at work trying to get everything back in shape and looking pretty. So far so good. Like everyone else we are battling weeds and trying to figure out how to best defeat them. There are a few things I would love to add to our backyard for a little extra color. But all we need to accomplish in the backyard before our first event at the Lenz Casa is plant a few more items..which are TBD and mulch. Those are the biggies to check off the list.

This week we are planning on tackling the kitchen needs to be re-textured, kilzed, and re-painted before I can paint the walls. So I am crossing my fingers that it all goes well and I can paint the following weekend. I am very ready for the white walls with spots of different paint samples to be one lovely shade of terracotta.

Thankfully this week should be less stressful with only 1 ARD on the books, I should be able to have a productive week. Again I am going to cross my the weeks dwell down I am noticing that I am stressing a bit more each week..which is typical since I am trying to close out my first year successfully.

After a long day in the yard I am headed to nice relaxing evening with the hubs and crashing early...

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I know we did. And since a post is not a post without a picture...

Isn't he just precious! This is one of friends kids who requests my presence about 3 times a week. I babysat him about two weeks ago and love him so much! I mean how can you say "no" to that face?!?! I know I can't and don't most of the time..that's why I get to spoil him and then give him back to his parents!

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