Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scarf Swap

When my friend Meredith posted about her 2nd annual Scarf Swap I knew I wanted to participate again. Last year it was so fun and I am a sucker for scarves...I have a small (10+) collection of them in my closet.

This year I was paired with Caitlin. She is also a newlywed who wears boring scrubs like I do so I knew I wanted to give her something that would give her scrubs some color...

Here is the scarf I gave her:

And here is the one she sent me:

I was so excited to open up my package and find this scarf...too funny that we sent each other the same one but in different colors! Thanks Caitlin I can't wait to wear it hopefully this weekend.

Tomorrow is Wednesday...yay!!


  1. those are adorable! so cute!! had fun swappin'!

  2. I love it! You and Cait both have such great style-- it doesn't surprise me one bit that you picked the same scarf. Thanks for playing again this year!! xoxo