Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Eateries

So yesterday Jonathan was on slickdeals..if you haven't visited the site you need to! It is a great place to find the ultimate deals on a variety of items from cellphone covers to shoes to can find yourself a pretty nice deal. So as he is scouring the website..we start talking the website and how we should check it out more often. So we head over to that site..and start the search for some good deals on restaurants. Well needless to say you can buy gift cards to nice restaurants for half the price or less!! So we scour the pages and buy 3 gift cards for 100 bucks worth of food for only 15 bucks! Sounds too good to be true..well you have to spend x amount of dollars and it can't be for happy hour..still i have to spend 15 bucks total to get 40 bucks worth of food??? SOLD!! So we printed them out and chose the closest place to us since it was 6:30 already. We ate at this GREAT sushi place..Shimaku. The prices were very reasonable and they have happy hour from 4-7 everyday! Needless to say we left there very pleased and full!

So thanks to my new hubby...we are trying some new restaurants. First one was a success. Hopefully the next two are as well.

Tonight we watched our wedding video with Jonathan's parents. I have already watched it of course! And still tear up every time..especially when my dear friend Molly sings "The Prayer" it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Now of course I get to pick at different things during the wedding..and Jonathan finally said.."it could have been much worse than a baby crying during the could have rained or been sweltering hot!" And I looked at him and said you're right. It was a beautiful wedding..gorgeous location and the weather was perfect.

Tomorrow is day closer to being at the river with some of my favs.


  1. your wedding was perfect. such a lovely day.

    ummm, loving the restaurant idea! where else did you get GC to?

  2. We got one to Tony's Mexican which is off of 610 and Ella..its really good but a nice little drive. We also got one to some jazz cafe he wanted to try.