Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Suga Duga.....

So this post is dedicated to our beloved family dog...Sugar. Sugar is/was quite the dog. From the instant we laid eyes on her we knew she was our dog. She is the perfect dog..loved by everyone. It is really hard for me to write this post tonight..I'm already crying and I am 3 lines in, so bear with me on this one. She stole our hearts from Day 1 and before we knew she was apart of our family..sleeping on the couch, sneaking treats whenever she could and eventually sleeping in the bed. I will never forget the time I took Sugar for a "Walk". It sadly didn't last long because I was rollerblading and she was running on a short leash..wasn't a good plan on my part. Nine years later Sugar was moving a bit slower but still as lovable and personable as ever. At Christmas we found that Sugar had cancer and decided we were not ready to say goodbye. So we decided to go forward with the surgery and have it removed. Everything came back great and Sugar recovered amazingly. We were told to watch for any signs of difficulty, but everything seemed fine. I was spending a lot of time at my parents house with the wedding planning and just loved having her waiting at the door for me. She was wagging her tail and ready to give me a big kiss.

Sadly after the wedding she really started to have trouble with her hips and going to restroom. So we took her back to the vet to have her checked out. Well the vet found another tumor that was pressing on her colon and preventing her from going to the bathroom regularly. The vet advised us that surgery would not help her quality of life and just to make the most of the next few weeks. Well the weeks turned into about 8 weeks..after my last visit out to my parents house on Friday we decided to put Sugar to sleep. I know it was the right decision as she was unable to get up off the floor. So Saturday morning my parents took Sugar to the vet to ease her pain. It was time for her I know, but every time I think about her I start to cry. I know she is in doggie heaven sniffing everything she can, but the thought of that precious face not greeting me at my parents door breaks my heart...
Sweet Sugar trying to lick Emily.

Sugar laying low at the house..
Love you Sugar. The Odom house will not be the same without you.


  1. Ok umm make me cry! We'll miss ya Sug!

  2. This makes me so sad! I love you and you have to know that he is no longer in pain!