Monday, July 20, 2009

What did you say???

This past weekend was eventful to the say the least. I have a lot to write about, but will do it in several posts. Friday I headed out to Rosenberg for my weekly spray tan..can't be pale in the summer time! Afterwards I headed back to my parents. It is our weekly routine for me to come out once a week and eat dinner and chat about what's going on. Well this week was a bit different. A separate post for that to come.

Saturday morning Danielle and Chris picked me up and we headed to H-Town Showdown to support Jenn and Brian in the wake board competition. We had a great time outside and laughing. It was quite a hot day that a water gun fight broke out between Morty and I. Here is the sequence...NOT in order of course!!! Morty shoots Megan, Megan retaliates, Morty's gun works better...Megan dumps water on Morty..Morty follows..Megan tries to push Morty in the water and is NOT successful.

Look at our faces..we are having way too much fun playing around!
After the competition we headed down to Jenn's river house..I LOVE IT relaxing! We lounged for a little bit and then headed to dinner..we were starved! We ate on the river and listened to some music. We headed back to the house and relaxed..we were exhausted! We woke up Sunday morning..Chris and Danielle headed back to Katy and I hung back with Jenn and Brian and waited for Morty to arrive..since we have a "text war" the night before about who was more cool..I know so mature! I have decided that Morty is one of those guys that you will always have a good time with no matter what the circumstances are. Morty gets to the house and we load up and head out onto the river..what started out as a great morning on the river did not end up that way. Brian rode first and did a great job...then Morty decided he wanted a try..he got up a few times and then fell pretty hard. Next thing I know we are calling 911 to have them meet us at the house. Morty broke his leg in 3 places, but the surgery went well and he will have a long road to recovery ahead of him, but he's a trooper and can make the best out of it. Needless to say the weekend was full of expected events.
This is my last week of therapy at the UH clinic. It is bittersweet, but soo exciting! Next week we have grading conferences and "check-out" and I can't wait to start the next chapter of my life..being gainfully employed!!
Off to dinner for Lauren's birthday!

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