Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Cheer

A recap of our day bulleted style.

  • slept til about 10ish.
  • wrapped the front trees and bushes with lights
  • put out decorations in the house
  • JJ installed a dimmer switch for our chandlier in the entry after I casually mentioned it this afternoon. it is amazing how something so small gets me excited!
  • finished the bows for the wreathes on the front windows
  • decorated the tree
  • mantle decor is about 80% finished.
  • hid wires behind in the tv hanging on the wall in the bedroom (JJ and a friend)
  • cooked a decent dinner.
  • tried the new bud select 55 not too bad
  • received a giant box from the is our first legit package to be delivered! however we are NOT to open it before xmas morning! I promise nanny!
  • made a HUGE mess after having the house cleaned yesterday!
  • I did not have any starbucks today..probably for the best i take the day off from the insane calories in those delish drinks!
  • met a new neighbor and LOVE her!
  • BAMA beat the Gators! YAY!!!!!
  • UT beat Nebraska in an ugly win!
  • the officiating was terrible in the Rockets game tonight that I am considering not watching anymore!
  • Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! Can't wait.

I think that is all for tonight. I will post pics of the tree and yard tomorrow!


  1. Okay that is a LOT in one day - what a fun day! Can't wait to see pics of the decor!