Wednesday, December 2, 2009


the weather that is.

it is insane to me that it feels so nice outside. minus the fact that my office is freezing along with my feet and hands.

i am loving this weather!

thanksgiving week was amazing. waiting on emily to send pics. we ate and ate and ate. i dont think i have ever consumed so much food in a single weekend.

the barbers were in town and life was great. they bring out the best in my family. but i do feel bad for JJ sometimes because when the barber clan is in town anything goes.

i think it is hard for him to figure how he fits in with that crazy mix of people. the odom clan is more loud and wild and crazy with the barbers than normal. people pick at each other but it is okay. we have a weird dynamic but i love it. so hopefully as he spends more time with them over the years we can find a nice place for him to fit in.

we shopped, got our hair done and shopped some more. i have finished shopping for JJ and started for my mom. i know what i am getting my brother and NO clue about my dad. oh well there are plenty of days left to figure it out.

the rest of the weekend and so far this week the hubster has been working hard. we made another trip for flagstone, hooked up the fireplace, programmed all the remotes and have cleared out most of the garage. JJ is a rockstar around the house..he has taken homeownership by the reigns and surprises me everyday with new projects.

i am hoping to decorate the house this weekend for christmas, but need to make another trip to find lights for the exterior. lots of inspiration is swirling in the Lenz house!

had my first cup of hot chocolate from starbucks yesterday and it was delish...probably stopping again today!

sunny 99.1 is set on the radio and i have been enjoying our fireplace. life is good.

now if i could just find that easy button for our home office life would be superb!

december 25th will be here quick!

PS. there is a chance of "snow" in houston friday morning...

PSS..quick prayer request for my dear friend Jenn. she is okay, but is facing some decisions and she could use the extra prayers right now.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, its true, I could def use some right about now!

    So glad yall had a great time with the Barb's!

    I can't wait to see the house, you've done so much since I was there last!