Thursday, December 3, 2009

I must admit

i was quite shocked to hear about the tiger woods drama.

i will not be making a point to discuss scandals here on the blog, but is anyone else already tired of hearing about it??

its not like he is the first person to do this..he is a man... i am in no way saying whatever happened is okay because it is not, but arent there better stories out there than this?everytime you turn on the tv there is a new update! i find it sad that people are so consumed with the wrongdoings of others...

yes he is a pro golfer and in the spotlight, but he and his family do deserve to handle this privately. what would happen is everytime a man or woman cheated it made headline news..there would be no other news!

suffice to say, what he did was wrong if he indeed did cheat on his wife, however i am tired of hearing about it already!

how about the news takes a turn and focuses on good things happening around the world instead of focusing on all the negative??? i mean it would be comforting to hear something good every once in awhile....

that is more talk about these scandals anymore!

it is looking like we are headed for snow tomorrow..should be interesting at school!

PS i did buy a heater for my office last night..couldn't handle it anymore. and i also snagged another cup of hot chocolate from starbucks yesterday..this could be a BAD addiction this winter..2 days in a row. will i make it 3 today?


  1. A) tired of hearing about it

    B) it is nobody's business so why do they care

    C) his poor family...

  2. I had starbucks 4 out of 5 days last week!! Yikes! That's an expensive routine!