Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what we have been up to lately....

life has been pretty non-stop at our house the past couple weeks. we have had christmas with some friends and family, christmas parties, ornament exchanges, christmas shopping and looking at christmas lights.

since december 1st it seems that we have had something every night of the weekend and even week nights...sadly i dont have many pictures to show yet..still wanting on some ladies to email me them!

i had my potluck lunch at school and am officially off until january 5th! it sure is nice working in public education..good choice megan!

monday i met jenn for lunch and christmas! she got us a precious ornament that says "our first home" is on the bar as we speak! i promise to post pics of it!

yesterday i picked up reyann and we went shopping and made homemade sugar cookies! it was quite an experience! a 12 year old out baked me yesterday and i am ok with that. then we had dinner with her fam.

so needless to say we have been on the go! this afternoon jonathan's godson is coming over to do christmas as well.

did i mention we are having christmas here for jj's family?!?! starting to stress a bit, but i know it will be fine and a fun-filled day!

and now that jj finished his latest project for the yard..i will post a pic of that this afternoon after i have finished wrapping presents and cleaning the house!

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  1. I can't wait to see a pic of JJ's piece of art!