Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lost & Found

It never ceases to amaze me how the lost & found pile at school grows and grows with big winter coats as the days pass by and the weather being so cold out..don't the parents write the child's name in the jacket so it could be returned?

As I wandered into school on Monday..LATE as usual..luckily I am hourly and my day doesn't start until I walk into the door persay..I noticed that several kiddos didn't have coats on and had on short sleeve shirts..made me want to pass out the jackets in the lost & found pile...needless to say I would have probably been in the hotseat shortly after. Whatever happens to lost & found items? Do people eventually throw the things away? Do they keep them for themselves after no one has claimed it after a few days or few weeks? Makes me wonder...

As I am sitting in my now almost completely organized office I am staring at a blank wall that is lost...it needs me to find some inspiration to make this office my definition of perfection. As I flip through catalogs and pictures online...I get a little more lost. Maybe afterall I do just want the picture from the PB catalog I eyed a few months ago. The catch is it would cost me several hundreds of dollars to do it and I don't think JJ is going to just let me run out and do it. SO here is the picture...if anyone has seen anything similar for far less money please let me know!

this is my ultimate organized wall for the office! i feel like i could sit down and get some serious work done! bills would be paid on time and not lost in a random stack and i wouldn't feel so overwhelmed whenever i walked into the room....

I have a few more ideas I am looking into for other rooms in the house..we are working on a project for above our bed, but it will take some time and i am narrowing paint colors for the guestroom and guestbath..a nice soothing blue/turquoise is just what the doctor ordered!

hope everyone is having a great week so far!

ps the homemade chili and chicken noodle were HUGE hits over the weekend. we are eating leftover chicken noodle as i write this! plus it was healthy! even better!

tomorrow is wednesday! woohoo!


  1. I love, love, LOVE to be organized and that wall is pure heaven. I have looked at it for many months, lol. Bret would sooner die though. It's funny but he thinkgs that looks cluttered!

  2. Perhaps th cheapest way is to DIY;
    1. Shelves are easy to find unfinished and paint. A free standing shelf can hold lots and can move with you.
    2. Paint the wall with blackboard paint. Make your own calendar and lists
    3. Cork boards are easy to find or "Magnetic" Paint for the lower portion. I love magnets over push pins,
    4. Baskets or lucite boxes are great for storage, Covered shoe boxes work too. I have even seen recycled cereal boxes wrapped look very chic.
    Show us your organized wall of heaven when you have it all ready!