Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There's a HOLE in my Kitchen

that's right there is a HOLE in the ceiling of our kitchen. On Sunday during the Colts game..more on that in a sec..I walk into the kitchen and scream "OH S*** we have a water leak!" JJ asked me what?? I said we have a water leak!

Called my dad immediately because he is an insurance adjuster...three calls later dad was at the house! I may or may not have interrrupted their gathering for him to come over, crawl in my attic and check out what was going on up in the attic. I LOVE YOU DADDY! and yes I still call him daddy....

Needless to say 60 bucks later the pipe is fixed, we have a hole in our kitchen and we are waiting for everything to dry out.

The brightside is that we now are going to forced to have our ceiling repainted and the kitchen as well, but believe you me this is NOT the way I pictured having that part of the house repainted..no sir!!!

As I am trying to see the good in this not soooo good situation I am thinking of paint colors..the decor and accents in the kitchen are a green..not bright, but green. So I am trying to come up with a paint color..the kitchen is currently a dark brown and not that I don't like, but I am tired of it and it is not the warm inviting color I have invisioned..

So..terracotta orange? a nice warm yellow? what are your thoughts? any colors you are loving for a kitchen? Don't think I am not headed to the nearest Pottery Barn to scope out their new colors for the year because I am headed there tomorrow.

So after all the tears and phone calls we do have water again..thank you lord! I simply have to remember that things happen and it's not the end of the world. There are far worse things happening everyday and as I type this....sure makes me count my blessings.

PS The COLTS are headed to the Super Bowl in Miami!! I was of course sporting my Peyton Manning jersey on Sunday and as I paced back and forth and almost changed from my jersey to my t-shirt to bring better luck..the Colts pulled it out! Can't wait for the Super Bowl. The Saints better bring their A game..



  1. Because if the Colts win or lose its obviously based on what shirt you are wearing on gameday....same with the changes in the seasons, rainfall, and ocean current. Haha Love you Meggie

  2. You and your silly colts! Show me the colors on Fri, we'll decide!

  3. Hello Gorgeous Gal! Tell me a little about your skin so I can recommend a moisturizer...Are you more oily or more dry in nature? Do you live on the East Coast...how's your water vs caffeine intake? Those answers will guide me to a better suggestion! Glossy Kisses! M