Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crossing Things Off...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE To-Do Lists for the sheer fact of crossing things off. There is such a sense of accomplishment when you do get to take that pen and cross something off of the list....sheer satisfaction.

We have several to-do lists...short term, long term, before the crawfish boil we are planning on having in May and so on....

i am not so sure that the hubs loves them as much as i do...but i do believe they are growing on him.

our list may or may not have about 10 things "to-do" before the crawfish boil but we have checked off some big items...

  • we planted flowers in backyard and cut down the banana trees
  • we chose a paint color FINALLY for the kitchen
  • we hung the calendars and corkboards in the office...

i could not be more happy with the fact that we are one more box away from being organized! i can feel the productivity happening now...

  • and i did find some pretty perfect candles for the is complete!

Easter/Spring decor is also in full force at the Lenz casa, but with the kitchen being a wreck due to kilzing and working on the ceiling the decor is now scattered across the house until we are finished.

Hoping to post pictures of the yard this permitting!

Just hoping now that it is officially Spring..we will have some more gorgeous weather before the 95 degree heat heads our way.

Happy Spring.


  1. The mantle looks fantastic!

  2. Love the calenders in the office!!! Home Goods?
    Let me know if I can help with anything for the crawfish boil, you know I love to plan and play, ha!
    Love you!