Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's Make a Deal...

I promise to update soon, but in the mean time. I will share the upcoming plans for the weekend!

JJ and I are planning to finish ridding our yard of weeds and mulching the flowerbeds. I am also planning on planting flowers and and some knock-out roses as well.

We love our backyard..dont get me wrong..but it needs a bit more color! So that is the plan.

My sweet husband told me last night that if I would let him play in a golf tournament this afternoon that I could go buy the roses I had been eyeing for a few months now..and the rest of the flowers for the flowerbeds and sweet right??? In all honesty I would MUCH rather him play golf then softball. He gives 100% to all hobbies, but softball is a bit more abusive on the body than golf is...

So Saturday we will spend in the yard and then Sunday we are grilling out for some friends and kicking off it the spring! Thank you for gorgeous clear blue skies!

So here's to my spring break fastly approaching and starting the weekend off at Home Depot and Houston Garden Center.


  1. You have the best backyard-- it will be beautiful with some bright summery colors!

    Happy Spring Break! Love you.

  2. You will have to post the finished product -- have fun!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! We want before and after pictures of the yard :)