Friday, February 25, 2011

Glorious Day

it is absolutely beautiful outside today!

the sun is shining and i cannot wait to be on a patio somewhere

it is perfect weather for the rodeo cook-off this weekend...hope to make it but we shall see if the hubs if feeling up to it...considering he's "sick" but playing golf today...hmmmm

can't wait to meet jwh for a drink in a few short hours

can't wait to meet some of my fav ladies tomorrow for food, drinks, sunshine and shenanigans...always good times to be had with them

ready to hit the backyard full force and cut back all the dead from the lovely freezes we had this winter and start deciding on what will in the flowerbeds...

ready to get some MAJOR projects tackled in the upcoming weeks: base cabinet for TV, dresser for entry...i am in DESPERATE need of storage for our china...=), the guest bath will be painted with new linens, and the office is getting a bookcase and overhaul!

this is what sunshine and pretty weather does to me...makes me want to knock out projects and get things in order! i love spring time!

today is Go Texan Day at school...the kiddos are sooo presh in their outfits...i truly love this place. =)

i think that is all the rambling for now...hope you all get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having! it will be pool time asap!


  1. Just catching up on blog stalking..
    All I gotta say is I'm ready for some fun in the sun, hopefully we can fit a lot of that into our schedules this summer together :)

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