Friday, February 11, 2011

Nothing Says Love Like....

a new water heater??? Yep that's right. Our lovely water heater decided it was time to start leaking from the attic into our guest bathroom....oh just one week before we leave to celebrate the hubs 30th bday..

so yesterday afternoon the hubs set out to get a new water heater and have it installed all before I got home..because let's face it..who takes a cold shower when its 70 degrees much less 29 degrees outside.

it amazes me that those things are SOOOOOO expensive! you can buy one for 250, 500 and up to a 1500 for a water've got to be kidding!

All in all the water heater is installed i took a HOT shower this morning and the house isn't a wreck. The bathroom walls and ceiling have to dry before we can really assess the damage and determine what the plan is for that room. All I can say is it's agood thing I have a Spring Break again, so I can tackle that lovely painting project. I do have a few colors in mind and ideas already but I am not sure I want to totally re-do that bathroom from blues and browns and to blues and gray or neutrals and colorful towels...we shall see.

Is anyone else wondering where the heck Spring is? I am tired of these 25 degree mornings in Houston. Supposedly it will reach 72 next week...I'll cross my fingers that the groundhog got it right this time!

Happy Friday!

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