Thursday, March 19, 2009

To-Do's Before I Do

This has been a productive week! Yesterday my mom, Jenn and I went to my first dress fitting. It was so great to put on my dress again! I was able to wear it for a whole hour! I love going to the dress shop and putting it on..I could wear it everyday! My dress will be ready in early April. Last night we headed to the rodeo with our friends Adam & Sara to see Gary Allen. We met them for an early dinner and then headed to Reliant. After the concert we headed over to the "Main Club" with some goldbadge members...needless to say there were few dull moments last night.

Today I met my FMIL to pick out invitations for the rehearsal dinner. After our first two stops, we headed to Hallmark and found some great invites that are PERFECT! We then headed over to the mall because I needed shoes for Saturday..always a procrastinator! I found some super cute black "gladiator-ish" flats to wear! Another item checked off the list! We ate lunch and then headed back to the house to figure out how to print the invitations..after an hour or so we figured it out! Go us!

Tomorrow I am meeting my sweet friend Mer and little C for some lunch and shopping. Oh I can't wait. It will be a fun day of chatting and hopefully some good shopping!

Oh and I almost mom called and our FIRST wedding present arrived today!! I must say I am truly amazed by people's love and giving during this unstable economy we are in. All we can say is thank you and are truly blessed with amazing friends and families.

Stay to come.


  1. cute post!!! and i did see the cupcake stuff at franchesca's the other day!! i liked alot of things in that store! cute flirty yellow tops, little sun dresses and cute frayed jeans! fun, fun! have a blessed day!

  2. Loved our lunch and shopping date. Really thinking we must return to Anthropologie this week. I am daydreaming about some of those tops.

    Love you!