Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding Update..

This past Saturday my sweet mom and I spent the day ALL over Houston looking for all sorts of things for the wedding from apothecary jars to paper. We literally drove from the Heights to River Oaks to Harwin in one day! Sadly my mom and I did not have much luck! We had a great time together and I truly cherish all of the time we have spent together during the wedding planning. After our long day I think we are both ready for all of the loose ends to be tied up and for the wedding to be here.

Tonight Jonathan and I headed over the Men's Wearhouse to make some decisions on that issue. He kept going back and forth between tux's or having the guys buy suits because some of them are buy one get one free. Well after spending nearly an hour there...we ended up renting tux's. Something I thought was going to be soo easy was not at all! Oh well at least it is done! I can check that off the list...yes! I just LOVE checking things of the LONG list we have!

This weekend mom and I are planning on running more errands and hopefully we will be more successful.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


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