Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm getting married in 5 weeks!!!

5 weeks from today I will become Megan Lenz! The countdown is now officially on...Since I have been so terribly busy with school and studying my life away for Comps and the Praxis..I have not truly felt the crunch of the wedding. I think it has been for the best honestly...if I actually were not in school and just working- I would be going crazy I am sure. Thank goodness for grad school..that may very well be the FIRST time I have said that! I have a wonderful mother who has done so much and some amazing friends who have also helped pick up the slack as well.

Yesterday I had another shower given to me by Jonathan's aunts and neighbors. Despite the weather we had a great turnout! We played games and got some great pictures. Since Jonathan's family came in from Port Arthur he decided to join in on the festivities..what a trooper he was yesterday! We got some more amazing gifts and we are truly blessed and thankful. I am amazed with everyone's generosity given today's economy. After the shower my mom and I headed back to her house to unload everything. You officially cannot walk on the left side of my is out of control. Lisa told me she is going to organize it tomorrow for me! That should be a fun little project.

Today Jonathan and I headed to the Astros game. It was the perfect day for baseball. Although the Astros lost..we still had a good time. After the game we stopped off at Cyclone' of my favorite Mexican food restaurants for an early dinner. We both came home and took a nap then watched Two Weeks Notice. We had a wonderful day. I think he is ready for me to be done with school, so we can actually have meaningful conversations and see each other!

Just a brief wrap-up of the weekend. Hope everyone was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather today! Before we know it will be May 24th...

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  1. How do you know you got great pics? You haven't seen mine.. Some are priceless with J's face! ha love it! We did have a great turn out especially with the yucky weather! 5 weeks, ahh!!! SO SO SO exciting!