Saturday, April 4, 2009

Less than 50 Days!!!

So today we are officially under 50 days until the BIG day! This past week has been busy. I had a test on Tuesday, which I hope went well. Then Jonathan called and said he had a surprise for me at the I headed home to find that he had rented Marley & Me. So we popped some popcorn and started the movie. The next thing I know we are two bags of popcorn in and sobbing like babies! If you have ever had to put one of your own pets to sleep then this movie will hit you even harder. It was funny and sad all wrapped up into one. I recommend it, but have some tissues close.

I have been to Pecan Grove 3 times in 5 days. Wednesday I met Mer and C for some dinner, Target, and wedding projects. We dined at Sandy's..our usual and then headed to Target. Mer needed to pick up some items for her first Stella & Dot Party. I of course bought a dress..but I am thinking I will return it..I have been a spender lately! Carson and I played while Mer worked on finding me shoes, songs and programs. We were busy. Thursday I had a dentist appointment and stopped by Mer's again for a bit then headed to my parents for dinner. On Friday, Danielle and I headed to DSW to look for shoes..and LUCKILY I found some! They are just what wanted and I am so excited to have that done since I have my fitting next week! Today I met my mom at Men's Wearhouse to finalize the Tux's for the wedding. Then we headed over to Mer's Stella & Dot Party. It was a lot of fun and I got some cute stuff that I can't wait to get it! I got a great black and white necklace and black bracelet to wear for the Rehearsal Dinner/Bridal Luncheon. I got also a hot pink bangle as well. Then Danielle and I headed back to my parents to finish cutting the paper for the Wish Jar at the Reception..another item checked off the list! We made some serious progress today, which is a big relief.

Tomorrow is a long day of studying with Tina and then Jonathan and I are headed over to Jamie's to pick up her elliptical machine machine and the envelopes for the invitations!

Next week is busy busy. We have our long awaited engagement pictures on Monday, Wednesday I have my dress fitting and then Friday I have the first leg of my tooth implant surgery.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you had to have tooth implant surgery in less than two months before your wedding. But actually, it was a good thing that it was done well before the big day.

    When I had the same surgery done to me, my Las Vegas implant dentist was right in saying that the pain may linger for a while. Well, I didn't know that "while" meant a couple of weeks! So good call there. I'm sure the pain has already subsided by the time you said "I do". Still, I have Las Vegas' implant dentistry professionals to thank for making my smile whole again.