Monday, June 29, 2009

Honeymoon in San Francisco

So Jonathan and I had an amazing time in San Francisco and Napa Valley. It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back. We are already planning another trip to Napa. We arrived late Wednesday night and just wanted to get to our hotel. When I booked the hotel online I booked a king room with a view and prayed that it would be a good view. I also sais that it was our honeymoon and if they could have some champagne waiting for us that would be great. So we get to the hotel and give the conceirge our info. She walks over to another employee and he opens up a room for us..I immediately think the worst, but keep my mouth shut. Then she asks him black or white cards and he said..something like..let it be an early Christmas, so she gives us black. So we head up to the 30th floor mind you and open the door to our room. It has 6 bay windows with a view of every angle of San Francisco, two flat screen tvs, TWO bathrooms and a bathroom bigger than our apartment! Needless to say it was AMAZING! We had an extremely early morning, so JJ headed to get us breakfast in the private dining room...and we headed out to our Wine Country Tour. We had a blast. We visited 5 wineries and bought plenty of wine. Here are a few pics from our trip:


One of the views from our room.

Andretti Winery

Domaine Chandon..yummy Champagne at 10 am

On Saturday we met my cousins Claire and Olivia and went back to Napa. We went to 7 wineries that day. We took them back to V.Sauttui which has an amazing Italian Deli and wine. We lunched outside and drank a bottle of wine and then proceeded onto to a few more wineries. We went to dinner at the Cliffhouse and it was delicious minus the crappy service! We definately broke the average age, but still we were there to spend money just like everyone else.
Just a little recap from the honeymoon. More posts to come..been in a blogging funk lately.

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