Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo Game

So here is my attempt to be a better blogger. When I first started this blog the focus was on wedding planning and anything associated with the wedding. So I am now trying to define the blog's purpose. Writing about my day doesn't seem rearly as exciting as it used to be. So I am currently looking for a new purpose or direction for the blog. My sweet friend Jenn tagged me in a photo game.
Here are the rules:
open your first photo folder* scroll down the 10th photo* post that photo and story on your blog* tag five friends to do the same

This is a picture right after my wedding ceremony. My precious grandfather came up and gave me a hug and a kiss. It was a sweet moment and am so glad the photographer was able to
capture it. My grandfather is one of the most special people to me..he is the epitome of a man. He treats my grandmother like a queen and has a heart of gold. Everytime I call to say hi, he immediately perks up. Love you grandaddy!
Tag 5 friends:
Meredith and Danielle..you were already tagged, but maybe this will be an extra push to post!

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