Thursday, February 18, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.....

Lots of things have been on the brain lately. You name it I am sure it has crossed my mind...

Trying to workout more so far this week I am two for two...i am on my way to getting ready to start bootcamp in no time at all...

Trying to finish shopping for JJ's birthday this Friday..I have two things so far and he knows one of them! He can be hard to shop for, but most of the time I typically come across something great.

Trying to finish up the office wall project. I showed you the vision and inspiration before, but have since been sidetracked...found 2 corkboards at Hobby Lobby...just need to get the dry erase calenders and we should be set...

Trying to plan our 1st anniversary trip. Any suggestions? We have decided that we like to do 2 or 3 shorter trips (4-5 days) then one all out week long vacation. So we are planning one in June and one in August...I have the August location picked already! Crazy huh...

Trying to decide where to hang some of the real good steals I have come across lately..I need to just set aside an afternoon and knock it out! I am thinking I will have to get the mom over here asap! Pictures to come soon of the new decor once it is up!

And finally I have decided what I will sacrifice for Lent. No I am not Catholic, but I do believe in Jesus. I normally "give-up" cokes, candy, sweets and so forth..but honestly that is willpower and I have limited my intake of those items tremendously. I have decided to...sacrifice the 10 or 20 dollar shirt I see at Target or Gap or wherever I am. It may seem like something lame or silly, but lately I have just grabbed a shirt here and there and not given it a second thought. And I need to live without those items. I have plenty of clothes and my closet is already I thought why not. By sacrificing this I will save money and get my shopping under control.

Friday is JJ's birthday! I can't believe it is already mid-february! We are getting together with some great friends for some yummy food! His choice...Carrabba's! I can't wait. I have been saving my carbs all week for this dinner! PLus the wine...

Couldn't resist...we will be drinking it up this weekend!

Happy Birthday JJ! I hope it's one of the best ones yet.


  1. That is a good thing to give up for Lent. No, I am not catholic either but it is always good to give something up in the name of God. And its fun to challenge yourself!

    1st anniversary! WOO WOO! We just did a weekend get away that invovled street walking, window shopping and a lot of wine. All things we love. Are you getting him something cute for the paper/clock gift?!

  2. yeah we will see how long i last with the Lent. I have already been tempted..sheesh!

    I have no clue what I am going to get him! Maybe some furniture! ha! Or maybe his plane ticket to wherever we end up going!

  3. Is that a pic from this year at Carrabas?