Wednesday, February 3, 2010

enough already....

with the excuses. i typically don't make excuses because I HATE when others do. however it seems i have been making excuses for the whole not working out thing...honestly i do not enjoy it at all. it is not that i am lazy because i used to workout and was in good shape. now by the time i get home i am simply not motivated! well after joking around since november that jj and i have been wearing our "winter coats" i am tired of joking about it. jj loves to workout and be in shape and he typically is, but he has been sidelined for various injuries...

it is time to get back on the wagon for good! i need to make the life change to workout 3-4 times a week and actually do it. i eat pretty healthy for the most part..minus today since i have been home! i dont drink cokes but maybe once every few weeks, we dont really keep sugary items around the house unless i buy a brownie mix or cookie mix occassionally at the store...

so here is the plan..i am going to keep doing my kettlebell workout 2 times a week and workout with Jenn two times a week. that should be enough to get my abs back! i miss them soo much! PLUS bathing suit season is fastly approaching and i would like to maybe take off the cover-up this season!

ultimately i would love to add in a day or two of jogging but lets not get ahead of ourselves. i loathe jogging.... but maybe if i had some good tunes on my ipod that i havent located since we moved i would like a LITTLE more??? hmmm....probably not!

happy hump day ladies! only two more days in the work week...ahhh sooo excited for the weekend! lots planned, but most importantly my butt will be parked in front of the tv on sunday! well i do pace a LOT during games. so maybe i can turn the pacing into lunges? ha!


  1. Ah - Working out while watching TV is something I do No lie. It is so easy to do lunges, like you said. Or get some arm weights out!! Great start!

  2. your too funny! I can't wait for us to start, were gonna get in shape together, no matter what we have to do!
    Excited for the weekend as well..

  3. I feel your pain. I hate to run or jog. I can do a fast walk but that's about it. Chad and I just adopted a puppy and that forces me to get out twice a day for a fast paced walk. I think I'm going to sign up for some yoga or pilates as well! Good luck with the working out and hooray for getting the summer body back!