Monday, February 15, 2010

The Things You Do for Love...

My hubs puts up with a lot from me. He takes everything in stride. As I mentioned previously that my grandmother passed away, so it has been rough for him since Wednesday. I have been unconsolable for the most part. But he always knows when I need a laugh, hug or kiss. He just knows. He has been great the past week..he has just let me be and go about crying and cleaning like a crazy woman and cooking meals left and right because if I stop for one second I fall to pieces. Well on Saturday my mom called and we had some misunderstanding to put it nicely. I got off the phone and he looked at me and said "you were rude to your mother." and I said.."no i wasnt. she is making me feel like i cant be sad." and he proceeded to say back to me again.."you are being rude." sometimes it takes the truth put ever so bluntly to make you realize "hmm maybe i was rude." so i called mom back and apologized. like i said jj puts up with my crazy erratic behaviors and he does it effortlessly most of the time.

so yesterday for valentines day..i headed to san antonio with mom to watch ben (brother_ play baseball and break the news to him about grandmother. what a let me go out of town on valentines?!?!? quite the i was leaving yesterday morning he was all sweet and told me he would have a surprise for me when i got home. now i am sure most of you are left your husband on your first valentines as a married couple to go watch your brother play baseball??? well heres the deal..i think valentines is highly OVERRATED! there i said it. I think it is insane that there is a special holiday set aside for you and your loved one to pronounce your love for one another. It should be done 365 days a year..not just once. I would rather him come home with a 10 dollar bouquet of flowers anyday of the week than just once a year on valentines there you have it. that is just how we do things at the lenz household..

in highly exciting news the husband has started to work on fixing the ceiling and walls in our kitchen after our lovely waterleak and he is doing an AMAZING job i must say! he is going to finish the rest this evening and we should be looking at getting started on painting the ceiling and walls in no time at all! AND I think we have even agreed on a color..we just have to test it out.

I am just so proud of him and all the work he has done around here! He deserves an award or something for his hard work.

That is all for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  1. Go JJ! I knew I loved him for a reason (the way he treats you)