Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the skinny...

so it was an action packed weekend here at the lenz house..but i am going to sum it up in bullets!

  • friday night jenn and brian came over for our dinner date..we headed to Corelli's where Herb and Michelle met us for some yummy italian food. it was an interesting night FULL of laughs
  • saturday morning i headed to jenn's and then we set off for the woodlands. rachael, jenn and i had a blast. we walked the bridal show, the mall and ate lunch all by about 1:00! we weren't wasting time. we hit the jcrew and francesca's and picked up some goodies! we got to see one of the dresses for jenn's wedding along with the color which was exciting!
  • we dropped rachael off and headed over to highland village. had some success there and then headed to galleria..we shopped until we literally dropped on saturday! she found some items for the wedding, so it was a successful and productive day! gotta love checking things off the to-do list!
  • i spent the day sunday with the parentals at the katy home & garden show...VERY briefly i should say. it was NOT worth it! luckily we got in for FREE..definately will be going to the Houston Home & Garden Show next time. sometimes convienent doesn't always mean it is worth it.
  • we ate dinner with the parentals..my dad makes a DELISH roast..so we devoured that and headed home.
needless to say it was a very busy and productive weekend. i found some inspiration for DIY projects around the house that are on our "to-do 2010" list! we shall see.

i am thoroughly enjoying planning with Jenn. It has been so fun and exciting. some say she is doing things so early, but in all honesty she has a lighter school load from now until august. So i told her to do all she can while school isnt super hectic like it will be next year due to student teaching and coursework! i remember planning on my breaks from school and it always seemed so stressful. she is doing amazing..making appointments and finding a distinct vision for what she wants! it is going to be beautiful.

we are doing a food drive in honor of the super bowl this week at school. needless to say the Colts box is OVERFLOWING...i made a donation today and have another 10 or so cans to take tomorrow! the jersey is clean and ready for Sunday....

that about does it for my weekend re-cap! hope my fellow houstonians are staying dry this weather sucks!


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