Tuesday, November 17, 2009


That is how I feel after today. It seems that even though we have been productive around the house lately that the list keeps getting longer instead of shorter..why is that?? Why do we add two more things when we cross off one? We did have a VERY VERY productive weekend and a BIG thanks to Danielle and Jenny for coming over Friday and knocking out two more rooms in our house..now we just have the guest bath to finish before Christmas Day. Should be relatively easy..we shall see.

Saturday I got up and hit the Nutcracker Market and I was NOT disappointed. I think I will be skipping Sugar Plums next year and just go to the Nutcracker Market..so many more vendors and deals to be found. I did check some people off the christmas list so that was a plus..just need to shop for oh the rest of our families! I came home and we did yardwork and tackled two of the dining room chairs. They look great! They are however a little bit more difficult than anticipated..but we are saving a few hundred bucks by doing it ourselves so thats a tremendous plus! Jonathan stayed up until about 1 setting up his gym while I passed out on the couch around 11...so pitiful!

Sunday was pretty relaxing..until the Colts v. Patriots game...wowza! Thank you Colts for making a come back and beating those Patriots! Ahhh feels so good! Jonathan however was a bit less happy about the win as he is a Patriots Fan..can't win them all honey. The Colts played pretty sloppy but pulled it out in the end.

This week is an indirect week which means I can get caught up on all the paperwork and not do therapy! Well I would rather do therapy and NOT do the paperwork! Oh well it must and will get done!

I have been bad about saying what I am thankful for each time I blog. These people are pretty stinkin amazing. I have known this family since I was about 8 months old..I have known them longer than my own brother! They are practically my parents..I even spent the night at their house when my brother was born. They are my family, they are always there when I need them and I love them almost as much as my own family. They are a few of the only people I let call me "Meg or Meggy." I have given their son..my longest friend stitches on his head..that is how much we love each other. I was so blessed to have Emily as a bridesmaid, Alex as an usher and Suellen co-host my bridal luncheon. And to top it off they will be here for Thanksgiving..so today I am very thankful for the Barber Family...simply put if my parents would have had to leave us to someone if something happened to us..it would have been them. Love you Barbers.

Sweet Emily..

I would do anything for him...now if I could just have him back in Texas..

Mom #2..how could I not love her?!?

Two of my favorite men telling me how beautiful I looked. Thanks for the tears..

Look how far we have come...

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather..yay for sweaters and cords!! I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!

PS I am thinking for my 100th post there will be a giveaway...so stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Meggie. Lots of good memories with you, Ben, Paul and Ellen. Love you lots. Surprise.....

    Im coming to Texas for Thanksgiving.

  2. You are the second person today who told me they went to the nutcracker market - Ok, next year, somebody give me fair warning. Hello Houston, here I come!