Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall into the Gap..

Where else?!? I have my 30% off coupon in hand and will be heading there very soon! They have some super great pieces on sale right now too. Love the boyfriend sweater for only 16 bucks. Love the corderoy jackets on sale for 30 bucks...more importantly I am loving that Gap has gotten it back together. For awhile there I was less than impressed, but am totally loving their fall/winter clothes! Check out these lovelies:

I would gladly wear any of these..i am thinking the red is PERFECT for Christmas Day at our house this year! I am thinking new jeans + plaid shirt + boots will be precious! Now let's hope for some cooler weather!

Any of these V-necks would do the trick too!

And these super cute red booties would be super cute with my red plaid shirt!!

A trip to Gap to pick up my straight leg jeans is for sure on the books today! Hopefully I can contain myself!

I am also heading to Interior Fabrics to pick up the fabric for our dining room chairs. Jonathan is going to tackle that project this weekend, while Danielle helps me finish painting the gym tomorrow after work! It will be very busy around the house the next few weeks as we wrap up the projects and get everything together for the upcoming events.

I PROMISE to post pics after this weekend. Some major projects will be finished, so I will be more likely to add pictures!

PS..YAY for Thursday!


  1. just got back from a gap & old navy outing. um....AMAZING!! yay for 30% off. SERIOUSLY amazing deals! :) early DISCOUNT christmas shopping...what could be better?

  2. GREAT post! I have the coupon too and am definitely heading there this weekend with my bff!