Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's beginning to Look a Lot like......

Something I am looking so very very forward to this week is the Sugar Plum Market hosted by the Fort Bend Junior Service League. It is an annual shopping market to jump start the holiday shopping! It is this Friday and Saturday. So if any of you ladies has some free time to spare..I would head to the Stafford Center for some shopping or browsing if you like. You can buy tickets at any Fort Bend Randalls or at the door.

It is something my mom and I do every year! One year JJ went in a wheelchair and my mom was on crutches..long story..broken ankle and foot surgery. Soo many people asked if they had been in a double accident. So we came up with a wild and crazy story of me beating them up or something. Needless to say this event is a MUST in the Odom house. We love browsing all the vendors and picking up precious gifts for ourselves and friends..we try to buy on a one to one ratio..doesn't happen very often! I typically try and find a small something another to give to all my friends...hopefully I will be successful! Hopefully I will find something to giveaway in another giveaway I am hoping to do by the end of the month! We shall see.

This year I will be going on Friday afternoon with my mom, Jenn, Terri and whomever else decides to join! Should be a fun-filled girls afternoon of shopping and maybe dinner and drinks afterwards..

Ok that is officially all for tonight!


  1. OKay...how did I grow up in Sugar Land and NEVER hear of this!? Wish I could gooooo :) Have fun!

  2. I would lurrrrrrrrve to go! Sounds like a blast. AND.... I will be kid free that day ;)
    Let me know the details! XOXO