Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ok ladies I am needing some help..any tips on where to find a cute sweaterdress for less than oh I don't know 70 bucks?!?! I have a grey one but was hoping for another one a little more colorful. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

On a side note I hit the jackpot at Hobby Lobby and Target last night with my mom. Scored a 9 ft lighted garland for 8 bucks, 4 plain wreaths for 16 bucks and the ribbon for the bows for 5 bucks for 90 feet! I have also officially checked two more people off the Christmas list...yay for progress!  Now I just have to buy for another 6 people.

I have also just realized that our event calender for the remainder of the year is getting quite full and I have already double-booked us on two nights! Yikes! It will be crazy but fun this holiday season.

And last but not least...I am so thankful we decided to move into the neighborhood we did. It is absolutely heavenly that I can be at my parents house in 10 minutes!!! We have eaten dinner with them twice this week and I am simply loving it! Thanks for the meals mom and dad! I am eating leftover tortilla soup from last night and it is delish!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday! I for one am super ready for it to be Friday!


  1. Express has some cute ones.. Kohls... Macy's.. New York and Company..

  2. Be opened minded here...There is a store by our house called Dots, hit or miss at times but has tons of sweater dresses. I have found some great ones there for around 15-20 dollars. They have a website. Just google dots and I believe the store pops up! Hope this helps!

  3. So I know ppl either LOVE of HATE Ross...(I'm a LOVER) ...but I stopped by there a couple of weeks ago with my momma and there were a TON of sweater dresses for $25ish. I have found that the ones located in more uppity areas have a lottttt more to choose from!

    GOOD luck :)