Sunday, November 8, 2009

Patience My Child...

If only I had some! I have tried on several occasions to be more patient with my family, friends and Jonathan. But let me tell is most certainly a virtue that I do not possess.  After JJ and I moved into our house we made two lists: "short to-dos" and "long to-dos" most of the BIG projects are on the long list, so it is always exciting to cross something off the list. Like I said previously, JJ crossed some items off the list this weekend. And trust me I am so proud of his hardwork around here..homeownership suits him well. However there are some projects I am more eager to get finished. Our office is the "holding cell" if you will for items we don't know where we want to put yet. The desk has not been set-up and the walls have not been painted. After a nice chat with Jenny (JJ's mom), she has agreed to come help me finish up the last two rooms over the next few weekends. I think once the office is painted I will have a more clear vision for the space. But man it would be so nice to have an EASY button about now.

So we woke up around 9ish headed to HEB, came home and watched some football. I left around 2 to meet Jenn to head to Highland Village for a few things. I did find the second Christmas gift that I have purchased for JJ today. I have only bought for him! I have a list now, but still have no clue what to get our dads. Everyone else I at least have some ideas for..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My mom has been asking what to get JJ and I said you can't go wrong with Home Depot giftcards..there is so much we need for the house for the yard and what not, so although she loves giving thoughtful gifts she might have to go with practicality this year!

So what are some items are your wishlist this year?? My list is evolving..Uggs, jeans....I really haven't thought about it much this year since we have been so busy! My mom informed me she is done shopping for me already..i was shocked! I am thinking a quick trip to the Outlets in Cypress will take care of a few of the gifts I need. We shall see in the upcoming weeks.

Thankful Part 3: My extended family-grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and so forth. I am thankful for them because although we don't see each other often we always pick up where we left off. We may be a small family, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.

My family at the reception.

Claire, me and my brother. Claire read a scripture at the wedding.

My Aunt Pat doing the blessing at the reception. It was so special to have her be apart of our special day.

Dancing to "We are Family"

So there is a snapshot of the Odom and Gustavson Clan.

Have a great Monday everyone..


  1. Patience is a vertue.. I think that's how they say it.. ha! Yay for getting a lot done around the house this weekend!

  2. i love my family too :) wish we all lived closer.
    i'll take one of those easy buttons as well ;) glad you had a good weekend! the house will all be put together eventually! you will have to post pics!

  3. I feel you about the patience! I would really like some, but I guess its not one of those things I will ever truly have.

  4. Hi, I found your blog through Meredith. I too would love an easy button, and never feel like I have enough patience!

  5. Ahhh patience, so NOT my virtue either! Looking forward to our date on Saturday, love you!