Friday, November 6, 2009


Just got off the phone with my mom and said she that I needed to share more about myself then what I had shared earlier in the week. Some more interesting details about me, stuff you would not know already. Well I thought I had, so here it goes again...

1. I love all things sweet: ice cream, brownies, candy, cake and so forth. I have the biggest sweet tooth!
2. I am a picky eater. I do not like to try new things..but boy I sure do get pressured wherever I am and whomever I am with..
3. I do not like attics. We  Jonathan is working on expanding our attic and I want NO part of being up there!
4. I am the supreme prepster. I do like trendy, but however I stick to me staples from JCrew and Gap. Thanks to some severe pushing by my mother I do have some very cute items that I would normally never buy!
5. I tried on straight leg jeans from Gap yesterday and loved them! SHOCKER to me! Might be going back next week to pick them up once I have the 30% off coupon.
6. I do not like to wear hats. I think I look terrible in them! However the hibs thinks I look great in i am stuck!
7. I LOVE things that are monogrammed or personalized. I am having a baby blanket monogrammed for a friend of mine. She gave me my first monogrammed item with my new initials and now I am returning the favor.
8. I LOVE that I am not creative, but my husband and mother fill that gap for me.
9. I LOVE sports. I love going to games and watching them on TV.
10. I LOVE popcorn! It is my favorite snack! It also doesn't matter if we have just gone to eat if we go to the movies afterwards..I need some popcorn! Is that crazy or what!?!

Ok hopefully these 10 truths were more insightful! have a great weekend ladies! i am heading to the sugar plum market this afternoon! Can't wait to see what treasures await.


  1. I still have to do mine!!! I promise I will do it this weekend though! xoxo

  2. I have a 25% off coupon for your entire Gap purchase now through Sunday if you want me to forward the e-mail to you! It applies to ALL items, nothing's off limits!

  3. oh wow girl!! we have SO much in common!! I am soooo with ya on 1,2,6 and 8! Loved find out more about ya and hope your having a great weekend! = )

  4. I fell in love with a recent pair of skinny jeans!!! Get em'!!!