Monday, August 3, 2009

are you aFRAYd of BIG beverages?

So two weekends ago I went to the Fray concert. What was supposed to be a girls night out..turned out into 3 girls and 2 boys! Originally it was Cassie and I and we were to each bring a friend. I asked my sweet friend Jenn to go and Cassie asked her friend. Well at the last minute her friend had to cancel and we didn't have a long story short Jonathan crashed...we had a great time. We ate at Lupe Tortilla's beforehand. It was a great concert. I LOVE them! There were two bands that opened for them and then they FINALLY came on stage. They played about an hour and then did an encore where they covered a MJ song and a Kayne West song. It was a great are a few pics!

Gotta love the 24 ouncer...
Me and Cassie

Jenn and I. I LOVE her!
The following week was my last EVER at UH. I had four meetings during the week before I could kiss that place good-bye! It was bittersweet on Friday after my exit interview..don't get me wrong I was pumped that I was done, but I knew that some of the girls that had been at the center of my world for two years would be moving away and we would not be seeing each other very often. We have a plan of course to do monthly dinners and do a trip somewhere each month as well. I am truly going to miss this groups of girls. They were one of the reasons I survived grad school and some of the greatest ladies I know!
Friday night Jonathan took me out to celebrate being done with grad school. I came home to a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne! Then he surprised me with dinner at PF fav! Much to my surprise he planned for my parents to surprise us! I just love my hubby! My mom of course couldn't resist an opportunity to give me something for my new office..I mean of course I need a Brighton business cardholder! Love you mom.
After dinner we headed to the River. We had an amazing weekend just relaxing..we had champagne on Saturday to toast to me again. Who knew getting your Master's meant so much champagne..but I am loving it!
Tomorrow I am hopefully getting my new driver's license taken care of and meeting Molly and Grace for lunch!
Happy Monday!

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  1. You look SO PRETTY in all of these pictures! Your makeup, your hair, your cute lil outfit. So pretty love.

    Play along with the new shopping feature on my blog... I know you have a closet full of things!! xoxo