Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Round-Up.

So this past week I was a busy bee. I spent Thursday at my new school and part of Friday morning, until they sent me home because I am a contract employee to the district and do not start getting paid until tomorrow. So my friend Tina and I hit up all sorts of stores looking for items for our rooms. We had a blast helping each other pick different things out from magnets to storage bins we did some damage. So Friday afternoon I met Jenn at Marshalls on West Gray..I needed to return some items and of course I could use to browse the aisles. Well I walked out with two picture frames and she didn't end up with anything more exciting. She and I parted ways and I met Tina over by the Galleria. We hit the Marshalls and Old Navy. More luck at Old Navy. I found the cutest shirt for Mer's son, Carson. I am thinking it will be part of his birthday present, but I doubt I can hold onto it for that long. I just love that precious boy! So Tina and I decided we would have a craft night..we headed over to Hobby Lobby to gather our supplies. I found a great photo board for my was 50% off. This is not it, but looks very similar.
We decided we would make something to hang on our doors. We each made "Ms. Megan" or "Ms. Tina" for our doors. We painted the letters and stenciled on polka dots. They are super cute! I am also very proud of myself! Pictures to come once my room is done.

Saturday I spent the day with my mom..we ran some errands and hit another Marshalls..seeing a pattern here??? Nothing to noteworthy..found another work shirt. Now that's all I buy! Who knew getting a grown-up job meant having to buy grown-up clothes. I think I am set though for awhile. I HOPE I am.

That night we went to the Hrachovy's Graduation Party for their daughter Leah. I have grown up with her family, so it was great to be there to celebrate her big accomplishment. Congrats Leah on graduating from A&M! Jonathan and I crashed at my parents house that night..we watched The Hangover with my parents. I have to say that it was over-hyped by the time we watched it. It was very funny, but we still think Wedding Crashers is better!

I slept in Sunday morning and then met Danielle at Town Center for a few hours. We did a little window shopping...and got some good deals at Forever on tanks..seriously that's all we bought! Maybe I am getting a little old for that store? Or maybe it is just that location? Not sure. After shopping with Danielle. Jonathan and I headed to Pearland to pick-up a fish tank. I have specifically instructed Jonathan that this new, bigger tank will not be set-up until we move into our house...whenever and wherever that may be.

Today marked my last official day of summer..tear. I ran errands and helped Tina set up her room. We had fun organizing her room and materials. She will be kindly returning the favor later in the week. Tomorrow we have an ALL day inservice with all of the SLPs in HISD. Should be fun, but we have to be there at 8am..I feel a cup of coffee already..and I am NOT a coffee drinker.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.


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