Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School Cleaning

So a few changes to the fonts which took forever and a white background..I am not totally in LOVE with it, but it needed a little something to mix it up. I am madly in the love with the picture of jonathan and I are our wedding day and that is staying for awhile..we are still newlyweds! It is hard to imagine that we have been married for almost three months! Time is flying by. The reason I LOVE this picture is because it is us to a "T" and Kevin was able to snap us during a break of the photos..I LOVE that I can rest my head on J's is soo comforting to me. I love that he can wrap his arms around me and completely take me in. I love that his hands swallow mine..I could go on and on. So enough of the mushy stuff. Tomorrow is Day 3 at my school. I will be moving furniture around and hopefully will have the room done! I am so ready for my room to be organized and in functioning order. I am all for starting out the school year organized.

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