Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rug Around..

Ok ladies I am in need of some help. My new room at the elementary school is a rectangle and has laminate floors. So I want a rug to soften the room and make the room feel more inviting and warm. Basically I have white walls, some cubbies, a filing cabinet and tables for the kiddos. I am hoping to switch around the room a bit, but for sure want a rug on the floor. So do I do stripes, flowers, circles?? I just don't know. The catch is that I don't want to spend like 150 bucks on something my kiddos will be destroying with paint and other craft items! So here are two I have found so far...Any tips or places to find a cute but moderately priced rug would be greatly appreciated!

Day 2 was a success...tomorrow is another long day..this schedule is killing me!!
Happy Hump Day everyone!
M & J


  1. FYI - I got a rug (for free) from Home Depot. Places will donate to a teacher. Its a multi-color circle rug and its been pretty durable. So, go ask for things! (I'm about to ask for vests so we can have "visible" hall passes...)

  2. Seriously??? You just asked them for the rug? I don't believe it!!! Did you have to show some form of ID?

  3. Yeah, I took my id up there... then they ended up giving our entire school rugs for our classrooms. It was really nice. I know that WalMart gave one teacher a TV/Dvd thingy... seriously... you are a poor SLP!!! Work it...

  4. I have never heard of getting free things, but why not ask right!! I found you blog through Meredith!