Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Weekly Blog Addition..

Starting on Fridays..I am going to do Photo Friday's. I am excited about doing something every week. So Photo Friday's will be different each week. Each week there will be guidelines for the photo to post. I figure it will be a great way to see reader's/bloggers favorite photos. I will be testing the waters for a few weeks. Who knows if I can come up with enough different categories of photos to last a few months! This week will be...

The photo that surprises you....

This is me on my wedding day. I look at it and I am in awe. I have received so many compliments of this photo. The reason it surprises me is because it is not my personality at is very sexy and simply stunning. That is not how I would normally describe myself. I am the epitome of a prepster..anything JCrew and I am sold. But this picture just takes my breath away.
Can't wait to see what photo surprises you the most.

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  1. beautiful pic! send me an email - and I'll send you a tutorial on how to do the signature!