Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let the Hunt Begin

Jonathan and I have been discussing buying a home for awhile...quite honestly too long, but since I am finally going to be a contributing part of society we are now able to begin seriously looking. Our lease is up at the end of October so we have some time, but need to close by December 1st in order to qualify for the tax credit. We have begun the pre-qualifying portion of the process with much thanks to Meredith's husband. We have decided on our criteria..our "wants" and our "needs" and are ready to begin the search. Of course there are things that I think are a "need" but are mostly "wants"! We are focusing on the Katy area, but will expand if needed. We most certainly don't want to settle on a home, but also don't want to look at 40 homes! So if you know anyone who is selling a 3+ bedroom, 2 bath, 1700+ square foot house with mature trees in the yard..feel free to let us know! We are making our first trip out on Saturday....I will be sure to blog about our adventures in being a first time home buyer!

Tuesday I went to the DPS with my friend change my name and address! We got there around 9:30 am and didn't leave until 11:15!! We went to the I-10 and Beltway location..not too bad, but still a long wait! They are not in any hurry that is for sure! But now I am officially Margaret Odom Lenz! Just one more document to change and then I am done! Since we are going to Mexico in October I have to get my passport changed as I am leaving that for next week! All in all it has been a productive week so far.

Have a great Friday everyone! I know I will!

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