Friday, October 16, 2009

Fantastic Fridays...

There seems to be a pattern to my post titles..I simply love to hear what word the kiddo chooses each morning. Each one usually picks a different it is jumbled half of the time. Just wanted to do a quick blog before my lovely Friday afternoon PLC meeting. Just wanted to share a few things I am loving these days:

In no particular order either...

  • this fantastic weather that arrived this's in the 70's! FINALLY!!! A reason to wear a long-sleeve shirt! Fall you are here!
  • My new Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit. Mer "twisted" my arm to try it out since I had run out of my MAC make up from the wedding and I am totally 100% NEVER going to use anything else! It is heaven on my face. I truly love that it is oil-free and there feels like nothing is on my face.
  • The fact that the Barber's are coming in town for Thanksgiving! This family is such a tremendous blessing to my life and my family's! So excited to be sharing this holiday with them!
  • I love coming home to our new house's so fulfilling/rewarding to know we have our own house..
  • I am loving the show Brothers & Sisters once again this season! It is been excellent so far. Tears, joy, tears and more laughs.
  • I am loving that the Colts are undefeated!
I think that is all for now..must head out for my meeting! So tell me what are you loving these days??

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. So jealous that it is 70's there! We had SNOW yesterday! On October 15th - can't you believe it!?!?