Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day...

I love waking up to a beautiful day..albeit it was pitch dark out when I left for work, it was a crisp fall day! I am really loving this weather. Wore my brown cords and lovely purple scarf just for the occassion. The morning portion of my Monday was less than 10am I was ready for a bueno! I immediately called Tina and said we need to meet up after work. She is my bff from grad school and knows exactly what is going on when I call and say "can you believe this?!?!" The afternoon flew by with no drama with parents, kids or co-workers so it was smooth sailing. I met Tina at Marshalls and we scored some books and games for our clients..we decided next time we wil buy for US and not our clients! Good thinking! After that I met J at the apartment to clear out some more junk and give Jamie back her ellpitical that we stored for the summer...that was a sight! It was much easier to get out than to get into our apartment that's for sure! Our garage sale/donation pile is growing by the day..I am hoping we make 150 bucks..that will be a success for me! Speaking of selling friend Katie who lives here in the Sugar Land area is selling her year old couch and loveseat. They are in great condition. Here are some of the pics:

It is a great set for any room. It is a cotten blend, not microsuede. Leave me a comment if you are interested and I will give you details. She is selling the set for 650 bucks! That is a steal!

She is also selling a 100% Authentic Louis Vuitton Montorgueil GM- it is perfect condition. I have seen the bag and it is amazing! I don't think the hubs will go for it though.

SO if anyone has any questions about these items just leave a comment and I will forward you her information!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a magnificent Monday!


  1. Uhhh, HELLO! You know I want the Louis bag! How much is she selling it for?

  2. ok ladies here is her email: Just shoot her a message and she can send more pics and discuss pricing with you.

  3. Love it all but the husband said NO!